The past two weekends were packed with excitement and awesome displays of skill and athletic prowess. In case you missed them, the 3rd round of the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge and the Train To Hunt Colorado events were held and fielded athletes from all over Colorado and beyond. It is always fun to watch hunter athletes lay it all on the line and push themselves to their limits.  If you haven’t had a chance to watch or participate in either event, we highly recommend that you do.

Fit 4 The Hunt’s core philosophy is to prepare hunters mentally and physically in their pursuit of wild game. Our goal is to increase your chances of success by putting you into situations you will encounter in your pursuit, so you are ready when those situations actually become real.  In addition, the training we offer is a great way for hunter-athletes to prepare for competitions like the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge and Train 2 Hunt. These competitions create situations hunters may encounter in the field in a competitive manner. Many of the Fit 4 The Hunt athletes that participate in our training programs competed in one or both events the past two weekends, and we are proud to say have done extremely well.

The 3rd round of the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge, held at No limits Archery in Denver, CO on June 10, was full of drama.  When Fit 4 The Hunt athlete Brian Call (some of you may know him from Gritty Bowmen fame) was finished, he mopped up the masters division and walked away with first place.

Men’s Master Winner Brian Call taking 1st place in Round 3 of the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge

In addition, Fit 4 The Hunt athlete Ryan Dumville also made an appearance on the podium, taking second place in the men’s open division, losing a close match to overall winner and F4TH supporter, Bryan Muri. Congratulations to both of them for their achievements.

1st place winner Bryan Muri and 2nd place finisher Ryan Dumville

In the women’s division, F4TH Athlete Jaimie Robinson also took second place, with F4TH athlete Caitlin Turner taking third. The women’s division is extremely competitive, so we are very proud of their accomplishments.

Jaimie Robinson, 2nd place finisher, and Caitlin Turner, 3rd place finisher

The final round of the Alpha Bowhunting Championship will be held the weekend, July 1 and 2 at No Limits Archery.  It is a great event, is family friendly, and is held among a community of hunter-athletes that are some of the greatest people you will ever meet, starting with Phil Mendoza.  Please come and check it out this weekend.  You will not be disappointed.

The Fit 4 The Hunt Throw-Down was also held during the 3rd round of the Alpha Hunting Challenge. Congratulations to Josh Bednarz for winning the men’s open division, Caitlin Turner for taking the top prize for the women’s open, and Ben Hall for securing 1st place in the masters division.

All three winners are now granted free entry into the Alpha Bowhunting Championship finals on July 1st and 2nd,  and the Fit 4 The Hunt Throw-Down will once again be on the docket ready to challenge the athletic prowess of the Alpha competitors.  During the finals this weekend, the prize will be $200 for the winners.  The workout will be 8 minutes for reps, but if you want to know more, you’ll have to show up and participate.

Men’s F4TH Throwdown 3rd Round Winner Josh Bednarz
Women’s F4TH Throwdown 3rd round winner Caitlin Turner
Masters F4TH Throwdown Winner Ben Hall

The Train To Hunt event was held last weekend a Powderhorn Resort outside of Grand Junction Colorado. Fit 4 The Hunt athlete Luke Boddy took 1st place in the men’s division.

Fit 4 The Hunt athlete Luke Boddy, 1st place, men’s open

Fit 4 The Hunt athlete and Women’s Training Director Shanley Brezen finished 2nd in the Women’s Open division, and has the honor of posting the fastest overall time of all competitors (men and women) in the Challenge event.

Fit 4 The Hunt athlete and Women’s Training Director Shanley Brezen, 2nd place

The man, the myth, the legend, Phil Mendoza, partnered with Fit 4 The Hunt athlete Nate Kimball, and crushed the competition with their 1st place finish in the men’s team division.

Phil Mendoza and Nate Kimball, 1st place, men’s team division

The team of Jaimie Robinson and Caitlin Turner took home the second place trophy in the women’s team division.

Jaimie Robinson and Caitlin Turner, 2nd place, women’s team division

They all qualified for the 2017 Train To Hunt National Championship in their respective divisions on July 8th and 9th at Powderhorn Resort in Mesa, Colorado.

Fit 4 The Hunt is proud of the accomplishments of these hunter-athletes. They have all trained very hard, and through hard work and dedication,  they have been able to realize the kind of success we hope our training will help them achieve.



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