The 2017 Alpha Bowhunting Challenge Championship and Fit 4 The Hunt Throwdown Finals are in the books.  We could try to describe the level of excitement and energy that was evident throughout the weekend, but we could never do it justice.  The competition was tough and all of the competitors put it all on the line.  Phil Mendoza put together a top notch series of events, and Fit 4 The Hunt is proud to have been a part of them all.

The Fit 4 The Hunt Crew in the Foreground with this year’s Throwdown Champions and Phil Mendoza

Fit 4 The Hunt is proud of the accomplishments of all of the athletes that competed.  Congratulation to Shanley Brezen for taking home first place in the Women’s Open division.

F4TH Athlete Shanley Brezen

Also, congratulations to the Gritty Bowmen and F4TH athlete Brian Call for his 2nd place finish in the Men’s Masters Alpha Division.

F4TH Athlete of The Gritty Bowmen Brian Call

F4TH Athlete Josh Poling snagged 2nd Place Overall in the Men’s Traditional Bow division.

F4TH Athlete Josh Poling

Finally, F4TH Athlete Brian Horton took home 4th place in the Men’s Masters Open Division.

F4TH Athlete Brian Horton

The Fit 4 The Hunt Throwdown finals showcased some incredible athletes as well.  The workout, aptly named, “After The Kill”, consisted of movements that hunters encounter in the field after a successful harvest. The goal was to put the competitors into a situation that tested their strength and stamina when packing out their game.  The workout was 8 minutes in length.

Congratulation to Matt Anderson, Men’s Open Champion, Ben Hall, Master’s Champion, and F4TH’s Shanley Brezen, Women’s Open Champion.  Shanley not only won the women’s open division, she also posted the best score of all competitors over the course of the two days.

Shanley Brezen and Matt Anderson going head to head

We can’t thank Phil Mendoza enough for putting together such a top-notch event.  It is very well run, and it set up in such a way that everyone has a chance to win, but most of all, it has created an amazing community that continues to grow and embodies all of the good things that the archery and hunting communities represent.


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