Well, it’s time for the week 2 recap of my 28 day Mountain Ops trial.  To remind you, Jordan Harbertson with Mountain Ops asked several Fit 4 The Hunt team members to try out various Mountain Ops products and provide feedback based on their affects to us both physically and mentally.  Personally, I promised Jordan to try the following products in the following manner:

In the morning , on a daily basis, I am taking Biotics (GI tract improvement and overall gut health), Renu (body cleanse), a scoop of Magnum protein power (mixed with a scoop of raw oatmeal), and Ignite each morning my dog Bear and I go on a hike/run.

Biotics (GI Health)
Rene (Cleanse)
Magnum Protein Powder
Ignite Energy Drink Mix-Green Apple


For two weeks now, I have been stacking all these products every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast, with the intention of establishing a consistent routine in order to put myself in the best possible position to experience and measure any of the potential results.  I have decided to call this the PB Stack (Pre-breakfast stack.)

In addition, I have been using the Yeti pre-workout mix before each workout, Cameron Hanes BCAA’s green apple during my workout, and Phenix for my workout recovery.

Yeti – Pre-Workout
Keep Hammering BCAA’s
Phenix – Workout recovery


Well, the PR stack is still working out very well for me.  As a matter of fact, not only am I feeling like my abdomen is less bloated and tighter, I have also been feeling as if I am stronger in my core because of the reduction in bloating.  One of the workouts I did at Cross Fit Lakewood this past week had a lot of ab work in it, and I was definitely stronger than I have been in the past. Finally, my bodily functions have become a lot more regular.

As for the Yeti pre-workout, it is still treating me very well. One of the benefits I am experiencing is an increased mental focus during my workouts, and I feel more motivated during my workouts, too. I believe using the BCAA mix in my water bottle during my workouts is also a major contributing factor to this as well. In addition, this increased focus and motivation have definitely increased the quality of each of my workouts.  Finally, the Phenix recovery has been outstanding.  At the age of 45, I am feeling more refreshed and less sore in the morning after my evening workouts than I have in a long time.

Using A Brute Force Sand Bag in a recent Workout


All in all, my use of these Mountain Ops products in the manner just described has definitely increased the quality of my life, increased my mental clarity and focus, and reduced my recovery time after a workout thus far in just a few short weeks. I am very anxious to see the results when I put them to the test next week during the first week of Elk and Mule deer archery season while I trek through Colorado’s back-country wilderness.  So far, I give these Mountain Ops products a resounding thumbs up.

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