Week 3 of My Mountain Ops experience is in the books, and what a great week it was.  The first week of Colorado Archery season fell within this time frame, so it gave me a great opportunity to field test Mountain Ops products in the Colorado back country.

Before getting into the feedback portion of this post, here is a quick recap of the products I am taking over the course of this trial month, as well as the manner in which they are being consumed:

  1. Each morning: Biotics, Renu, Magnum Protein Powder, and Ignite
Biotics (GI Health)
Rene (Cleanse)
Magnum Protein Powder
Ignite Energy Drink Mix-Green Apple


2. Pre, During, and Post Workout:
a. Yeti pre-workout
b. Cameron Hanes BCAA’s durring my workout
c. Phenix for my workout recovery.

Yeti – Pre-Workout
Keep Hammering BCAA’s
Phenix – Workout recovery


This past week, I spent a total of 6 days in the back Country chasing elk and mule deer.  I camped at 10,000 feet elevation and gained as much as 2000 feet in elevation on any given day.

Colorado Back Country Chasing Elk and Muleys


I kept with my regular regimen each morning upon waking by taking Biotics, Renu, Magnum, and Ingite.  This combination has treated me extremely well these past three weeks.  In the back country, I eat a lot of freeze dried meals, nuts, and protein bars.  Usually, my GI tract gets screwed up as a result.  With this daily regimen, though, I didn’t have one inkling of a problem with my digestion or any of my other bodily functions.  This morning stack is really out of this world, and I plan to continue using it after this trial period is over.  I feel sated with regular sized meals and my brain tells my stomach when I am full much sooner than normal.  As a result, I have actually lost 7 lbs of body fat so far during this trial, and I really haven’t made much of a change to my diet.  My portions have just become smaller.

The Yeti, BCAA’s, and Phenix were really put to the test this past week.  At 45 years old, trekking around the high country all day in Colorado usually takes a toll on my muscles and joints.  But, I have to tell you, taking Yeti before leaving camp, including BCAA’s in one of my Nalgene bottles for regular hydration during my hunt, and then taking Phenix when getting back to camp at the end of the day had me feeling like a 25 year old every morning when I woke up. I couldn’t believe how refreshed I felt each morning and how ready I was to attack the mountains both mentally and physically.

All in all, these Mountain Ops products passed the back country test with flying colors.   I have one more week to go, and I will be back in the high country again this week chasing elk and mule deer.  Stay tuned for the final assessment of these products.  I can’t wait to see how they work for me over the course of the next 7 days.


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