On July 15 of this year, Fit 4 The Hunt team members Rob Brezen, Cory Arola, and I traveled to Snowbird Resort in Utah for the Total Archery Challenge.  For those of you that don’t know, the Total Archery Challenge is a three day event held in several locations throughout the United States at different times during the year. It is a great event that gives archers an opportunity to test their mettle in a non-competitive format by shooting any one of several different courses with targets ranging from 5 to 100+ yards.  The event we visited was outside of Salt Lake City and took place literally all over the mountainous Snowbird Resort.  It was an epic and breathtaking venue and experience.  I highly recommend participating in one of these events.

View from the top of Snowbird Resort in Utah


One of the reasons we decided to go was because our friend and partner from the Gritty Bowmen,  Mr. Brian Call, suggested we make the trip.  “It is a great time and there are a lot of great sponsors there that you can meet, too” were his words that rang in my ears while discussing the event with him on the phone a few days prior to leaving.

So, we jumped in my truck, and made the 8 hour trip from Denver to Salt Lake City.  We left at 3AM Saturday morning with the hopes of getting there by 11AM.  Our plan was to meet with Brian and Phil Mendoza (Owner of No Limits Archery in Denver and founder of the Alpha Bowhunting Championship competition in which we partner every year), and shoot one of the mountain courses in the afternoon.

To set the stage a little more, for a few months prior to the event, Mr. Jordan Harbertson (President of Marketing and Public Relations for Mountain Ops) and I had exchanged a few messages and emails with the hopes of introducing ourselves to each other, and once again, we have Brian Call to thank for this as well.  Brian Call is a great ambassador of the sport of archery hunting, and he was convinced that the business philosophies and ideology that drives Fit 4 The Hunt and Mountain Ops created the potential for a great partnership.  Mountain Ops is based in Salt Lake City, and they were one of the primary sponsors of the Total Archery Challenge taking place in their back yard this year.  So, knowing they would also be there, I felt it was the perfect time to meet Jordan and finally be introduced.

It was a long drive, but we eventually pulled into the resort and got in line for our tickets at about 11:30AM.  While in line, Brian walked past and wouldn’t you know it, Jordan was with him.  So, we actually were able to be introduced right when we arrived, so it was definitely looking as if it was going to be a good day.  We decided to carve out some time later in the day to sit down and chat about our two companies, and ultimately see if there was a way we could work together.

Fast Forward to 4PM, and after completing the Mountain Ops sponsored course (shots from 25 yards to 100 yards at various angles and level of difficulty), we were able to sit down with Jordan at the Mountain Ops booth at the base of the mountain.

From Left to Right: Rob Brezen, Jordan Harbertson, and Brian Horton


The most interesting part about meeting Jordan is the fact that the only time I had ever used Mountain Ops prior to this day was during the Alpha Bowhunting Challenge events.  I did use the Green Apple Ignite product earlier in the day because, well, I did just drive 8 hours throughout the night, and I needed help maintaining my energy level while on the Mountain Ops archery course.  It worked like a charm.  I never did feel fatigued at all the entire day after drinking a packet of the Ignite product.  That being said, I’ll be the first to admit that I was a novice when it came to Mountain Ops products and their business mind set in general.  Rob and Cory did have experience with Mountain Ops, and so they were way ahead of me when it came to the products they offer.  Now, you might be asking yourself why this matters and if it is important.  Well, it does matter and is very important because one of the first things I told Jordan when we met was that I didn’t have any real experience with his products and I wasn’t very knowledgeable about his company’s philosophy, so I wasn’t there for a hand out.  Some of you may think this was a horrible approach to starting the meeting, however, I really wanted to get to know him and what drives Mountain Ops.  Fit 4 The Hunt was founded on some very strong ethical principals.  We believe in the purity of the sport, we believe in pursuing game in an ethical manner, we want our athletes to have the best advice we can possibly give, and we believe in this community in which we have worked so hard to be accepted and helped to create.  It was important to me to understand if Mountain Ops shared the same ideology as Fit 4 the Hunt.  Regardless of how big a company is, or how many customers they may bring to our table in a partnership, we will not stray from the values upon which we founded our company.

Jordan heard this message and was in total agreement with me.  He didn’t want to partner with a company that didn’t share his vision.  For him, it was all about synergy with his partners.  He wants his partners to believe in his company and to promote them because they believe in his products, have tried his products, and they also help continue to foster this community that companies like Mountain Ops and the Gritty Bowmen and Kifaru have been instrumental in creating.

Well, the meeting was extremely positive between Jordan, Rob, Cory, and me.  From the moment we sat down, there was a very positive conversation and mood amongst the four of us.  Jordan appreciated the honesty that we displayed about our lack of experience with Mountain Ops, and that we didn’t try to bull shit him about who we are.  Regardless of all of that, though, we did discover that our companies do share a lot of the same values.  We uncovered the fact that there could be incredible synergy between our companies.  The bottom line question was whether or not Fit 4 The Hunt athletes would benefit from using Mountain Ops products as part of their training regimen or while out in the field on a hunt.  To answer this question, Fit 4 The Hunt Team Members Rob, Cory, Shanley, Orion, and I decided to be guinea pigs for 30 days and try various Mountain Ops products to see how they affected our workouts. It made sense for us to try the products in order to truly gauge whether or not we could form a synergetic partnership between our two companies.

Personally, on a daily basis for one month, I decided to use Biotics (to see if I can improve my GI tract and overall gut health), Renu (to try to cleanse my body of all of the pollutants from the last 45 years), a scoop of Magnum protein power every morning for breakfast, and Ignite for the mornings I take my dog on hike/jog on the Green Mountain Grind trail in Denver.

Biotics (GI Health)
Renu (Cleanse)
Magnum Protein Powder
Ignite-Energy Drink Mix


In addition, I decided to use the Yeti preworkout before each Fit 4 The Hunt and Crossfit Lakewood workout, and a combo of the Phenix recovery and Cameron Hanes BCAA’s green apple for after workout recovery.  I take the BCAA’s during my workout as well.

Yeti-Pre Workout
Keep Hammering BCAAs -During and Post Workout
Phenix for Workout Recovery


I made a promise to Jordan and the Mountain Ops team that I would use this combination of products in this aforementioned manner for 30 days because I truly wanted to see the affect they would have on my over all health, as well as any physical and mental benefits that may occur through their use.  I also wanted to be able to share with them my results, and ultimately wanted to see if the Mountain Ops products were something that could benefit Fit 4 The Hunt Athletes in the field, on the range, and during a work out.

Well, it has been one week so far, and the results are a resounding WOW!  The daily combo of Renu, Biotics, Magnum, and Ingite have had a tremendous affect on my body and mind on a very positive way.  Even though I haven’t lost weight (not my primary goal by the way), I feel lighter.  I also feel “tighter” in my abdominal region as if my core has gotten stronger.  I totally attribute this to the Biotics, Renu, and Magnum combo I take each morning.  It does seem they are working to improve my GI tract in the manner I had hoped.

Also, using Yeti before a workout, BCAA’s during and after as well as Phenix for recovery have so far had an amazing affect on my ability to recover.  I am 45 years old, and feel better after this past week’s workouts then I have in many years.  I even used Yeti before I had to carry over 200 40lb concrete blocks from the back of my house this past week, up a set of 20 stairs, and load them onto a trailer for transport.  I didn’t feel fatigued in any way while performing this task.  I was truly amazed.

So, all in all, I give Mountain Ops 5 stars for all of the products I am using after the first week.  I am anxious to see how week two goes, and I am especially excited to see how well I perform in the back country when archery season starts next weekend.  I plan to post weekly about my Mountain Ops experience over the course of the next three weeks as well.  My goal is to give you first hand feedback about the products.  In the meantime, feel free to email me at ops@fit4thehunt.com if you have any questions about these products and my experience with them.  Always remember:  Be Prepared For the Hunt, Be Fit 4 The Hunt!

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